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Hong Kong, October 2016, Day 3

January 2, 2017
Happy new year!! Lmao it's already 2017 and i'm still talking about a trip made in 2016 HAHA
Day 3 of our HK trip! It was a super long day- we went to Ocean Park & tried to find some dim sum place with super cute cartoon characters.

We woke up for lunch and tried to find a place near to our Airbnb. Settled for The Cupping Room. Honestly couldn't choose between which breakfast set I wanted so I just went for pasta HAHA. Looking at the picture is making me hungry lmao.

After lunch we took a bus to Ocean Park which was only 10-15mins from Central MTR (where we stayed).

Walked past a row of old HK-style shops to get to the cable car. TBH I really wanted the ice cream lambs bc I love ice cream HAHA but I was on a budget so...too bad :'(

Again, CS got bored while waiting and went to buy a mango slushie HAHA

Then we took a cable car up to the main part of the park where all the more thrilling rides were at. 

The cable car ride was really long and got boring after a while HAHA but the scenery was so nice!! I think it lasted about 10-15mins and we caught a glimpse of one of the scarier roller-coasters in the park. We could hear their screams from far away...........

Oh yeah we went during halloween period but didn't get a chance to go into their haunted houses because they closed them on that day. Out of all the days they opened their halloween attractions we chose to go on the day they closed them. HAHA

After this we left for our Airbnb to chill for a bit and went off to find some cute dim sum!!!
Oh the place is called Dim Sum Icon. I think we went there after 8pm or something because they had a "late-night promo" where everything is 50% off after a certain time. Money saving tips right here HAHA.

We went crazy and ordered SO MUCH.

Obviously we struggled to finish our food HAHA after this we walked slowly back to our Airbnb. Now that I think about it, our place was really convenient hahah.

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