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Hong Kong, October 2016, Day 2

December 12, 2016

We reached Australia Dairy Co. at 12pm after the previous day's failed attempt to have breakfast there HAHA. The queue was really, really long by then. It moved quite quickly though, bc they seat you with other people, and everyone just eats really quickly, so you'll be pressured to eat quickly and leave as well HAHA.

CS got tired of waiting and she bought a watermelon drink (which was super refreshing by the way). We loved it and from then on we kept trying to find this franchise thingy to buy watermelon drinks from HAHAH. They're apparently famous for their mango drinks and desserts, but yknow, everything's good.

We all got their breakfast set, which included a drink, macaroni, bread, and eggs. I really wanted scrambled eggs but didn't know how to say it in Cantonese so......they came fried :'( The bread was soooo good, but it's kinda hard to go wrong with bread I suppose. Macaroni was so-so. Their iced milk tea though, was the best. HAHA I LOVED IT.

After breakfast, I left CS & her boyfriend and went hiking alone :-)

I took a bus from one of their train stations up to the start of the Dragon's Back Trail. The bus ride was the so scary. It was going so fast and the driver didn't seem to slow it down even at sharp turns. One wrong move and the whole bus would've toppled down the cliff. TBH I was just hoping that I wasn't going to die HAHA.

The walk up was kinda tough for the first 15-30minutes because there were so many steps.........
If you haven't exercised in a long time, you will definitely be panting halfway up HAHA.
Anyway, I got to the top and thought that this was the peak. I remembered thinking how underwhelming it was because it only took about 30mins to reach the "peak".  I looked around and realised that it was actually not the peak, and excitedly walked off to continue the hike.

Wish I had someone with me so I could take these cool, pensive pictures as well. But it's fine HAHA.

Honestly the walk got kinda boring after the first hour. Didn't take many photos then.
I thought I was lost more than once during the hike and had little panic attacks HAHA.

I reached a little village-looking place after maybe 3-4 hours and was sooooo relieved because I would finally get to see the beach!!! 

...yes, this is the beach.
It was so underwhelming that I almost regretted spending 3-4 hours walking just to get there. I stayed for 10 minutes just for the heck of it and left because I really couldn't be bothered anymore HAHA.

OH after this I kinda had trouble getting back because you could (a) walk to the main road, which was about 1-2km from the beach or (b) take a shuttle bus out. The only problem was that the shuttle bus queue was crazy long (I'm talking 200-400 people in the queue)!!!!! Decided to walk out and met two travellers along the way who were kinda lost as well HAHA.

The bus ride back was even worse. It was filled with sweaty people + the fast, terrible driving. 

After this I met CS & her boyfriend @ Tim Ho Wan to have some good dim sum!!!

Great day :-)

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