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September 30, 2015

Exactly a month ago Nat and I got to watch Against the Current (ATC) to take photos and write an article about it heh. First time going into the photographer's pit and I was panicking a few days/weeks before the show because I didn't know what to do/how to take photos in there hahha. I thought the lighting was going to be a huge problem.

Basically I turned to YouTube for answers hahha it was kinda useful actually!!! If you think about it, you can find practically whatever you need/want on the net. Yeah anyway we went in and were clueless for a bit, but it turned out alright :-)

Got to take some warm up shots with the opening band.

It was really cool actually!!!! And then ATC appeared after a while and it was like BANG BANG BANG and we had to move out of the pit hhaha.

Not really uploading everything.

I felt so important standing in the pit HHAHA. This is where the hair flick emoji would be great.

Read Nat's and my article here.
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