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Bali II

October 1, 2014

figured it was about time i uploaded some photos from bali
gonna be abit long bc i'm gonna spam photos haha

(can you see my wallpaper?? it's brendon urie heh)

-day one-

Went to the beach on the first day and got quite tanned after that hahah
the sun was damn "spicy"/scorching

so many people!! kinda. not really.

then it got too hot and we were hungry-ish so we went to have some yogurt
but the yogurt wasn't very good.........

ice king (sticker) on the streets of bali!!!!
(at this point we decided to walk back to the hotel. it was so hot and far and tiring i died)

and came across a temple!!!

+ their bombing memorial (ground zero monument)

-day two-

heh went to tanah lot on the second day to watch the sunset
the corn was quite good bc it had chili on it hehe

spotted these two sitting alone heh having a heart to heart?

also was just looking around and spotted this Lorde lookalike!!! kinda right?? similar hair haha

(why do some pictures i upload on blogger have a purple/blue tint??
it makes some of them look really ugly ugh)

check out this cool wedding shoot hahah
i managed to sneak a few shots of them but this was the nicest. hehe

-day three-

decided to walk over to the havis warehouse to get some slippers at slashed prices!!!
or so we thought.
(okay la, it was quite "slashed" as compared to Singapore's prices)

my bruh bc we have similar eyes

had to walk back bc it was so hard to hail a cab + when a cab finally stopped the guy said it was too near................... but it wasn't ok

heh & seafood (crab) dinner again on the last night

-day four-

we tried to sneak in bottles of chili but the woman said we couldn't bring it in ):


(wow i think this is the post with the most photos ever hahah)