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Pink Dot 2014

June 28, 2014

Heh pink dot today after the maternity shoot (which didn't go as well as i'd hope for it to be idk just not very happy with the pictures overall :/)
was too damn crowded
if i ever go back i'd go back as a photographer heheh then i will have the rights to push people out of my way to take photos :p

kinda wondering why it's "PINK DO SG"
LOL did someone just forget the "T"??

& saw a guy with a tiger bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
it looks so real
(sigh this photo is a bit blur :/)

and then we saw people with these signs which were really cool and a little child took photo with the signs heh heh

photos from the other shoot to be up soon?! idk if i feel like it then i'll post it lol