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Bukit Timah Firestation

March 14, 2014

Went for a little shoot today with the coolest person to try out the new camera heh heh.

Quite difficult to see if the image is focused or not HAHA.
But ya okay getting used to it can't wait for the strap to come bc it is actually a bit heavy.
Cannot just randomly hang it from my shoulder.

(Just bought tea that sound super delicious hahaha shitzo so exciting)
((maybe I will stop drinking unhealthy drinks after this!!))

By a little kid i assume?? More artistic than me when I was young HAHA

FIREFLY. gross yet pretty idk looks like a moth to me

Went to the bukit timah railway tracks everything looks so unsaturated it's quite sad.
But kinda amusing too, because its like everything was photoshopped already hahaha.

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