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Random update+crys' birthday :-)

March 12, 2014

40 more days till school starts!!!
(Actually excited for school for once but I'll probably hate it once it starts so....idk)

ALSO, finally got my canon AE camera shitson so excited to use it!!!!
Been wanting it since.........2011?? hahah
There's an awkward photo bc shit it's damn pretty but I bought the wrong lens la HOW f2 but I wanted f1.4 I forgot if I have ranted about this before BUT YA LA AIYA stupid no wonder it was so cheap!!

AND where is my bag from Bulgaria!!

Crys' (advanced mini) celebration. Super scaled down as compared to last year :p

Hard to find a time when everyone's free la aiya feel damn sad now because won't be seeing them around in school next time
+ work tomorrow and it's gonna be damn boring
+ time to read up on stomach flu symptoms bc need to be well informed to fake illnesses HAHA

PLUS dug up some old photos thank goodness for puberty.

Our attempt at being some mac donalds' food (photo on the left)??!
Red and yellow for the french fries we were so imaginative but lame.

AIYA when school starts have to make new friends all over again.
And I need to get back on track for my "be fit for school" plan so I won't look like a loser when I try out for sports CCAs sigh that means eating clean but I think no.

(actually feel like running right now but have to sleep :/)