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February 8, 2014

This is an update on life because I like to see the "Archives" drop down menu being filled up with many consecutive months. 

(Half) class party and I finally got to ride in a convertible heh heh.

And the $65 gourmet lollies from US have arrived. Idk if I keep spending so much on food my bank acc will go back to $1. BUT they are really quite nice so I don't mind hehe.

AND, finally tried binding books properly with waxed thread and whatever crap you have to use.

Finally got to hang with the stupid yow who's damn afraid of sunlight and uses ten $2 notes to pay for her lunch. Still, she was short on two more $2 notes to pay back her debt (to me).

ALSO, going to get some disposable cameras tonight bc this guy was selling it for really cheap hehhe I don't think I've used disposables before this is so exciting.
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