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I really wanna buy lotsa stuff

February 24, 2014

Enjoy a photo of this notebook I made and the stars seen from Macritchie hehe

Kinda wanna post the stars photo on Instagram but it'll just look like specks of dust......
HAHA nobody'll know the specks are stars

Feel like buying damn a lot of things online again.
Sian la get money, spend money. Really need to go on a WAHP spree dammit.

Kinda can't wait for school to start. I feel like my brain is rotting and my english is becoming quite crappy idek why.
Actually I don't mind doing more math now but no point hahaha
Also, seriously need to start exercising.
And I can't clear the stupid candy crush level.

AND I can't wait for the pictures from the $5 camera to be developed hehehe. Developing film is shit expensive.
Maybe when the photos come out I'll actually have something interesting/good photos (maybe) to post.

Tired from doing nothing HAHA