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DASHBOARD (second time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 4, 2013

Can I just begin by saying this was the most interesting day of my holiday so far?! Hahha
What started as a Criminal Minds marathon this morning finally ended with a Dashboard concert.
(That means I get to look at good looking people all day HAHA)
((Reid & Chris!!!))

Anyway, Chris was frikkin amazing and I have never sang so much in a public area before :p
Kinda amazing how he remembered when he said he would be back soon last year.
Quite sad that he didn't sing Belle and Dusk & Summer though.
AIYA come back again please.
With your full band so everybody can just rock out in the front and jump up and down haha.
Didn't manage to take good photos cos his face was always over exposed. Managed to save one photo though.
Made it black & white so nobody can see how disgusting the colours actually were from zooming in hahaha.

Anyway things got exciting at the end of the concert and as we were leaving I kinda wondered why nobody took his water bottle
So my fav girl went up and swiped the bottle away for me like a pro. HAHHA damn funny.
Went home with raging hormones LOL

Also, realisation that I am touching the bottle that he touched.
If my lips touch the bottle does that mean we kissed.
HAHAHA HA. Fan girl moment shit

I also don't think I have written so much in a blog post in what, a year? hahha.
GR8 day la woohoo
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