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(super huge) sigh

October 21, 2013

Pictures from the last day of school.

Hey, also it has been two years since I started this blog yay. Which means it is 1/8 of my age which is 12.5% of my life.
(see how I'm using my E math knowledge right here)

Plus first o level paper today.
...............idek what to say about myself except THANK GOODNESS I SAW SHAOMIN if not i would've died and gotten 0 for english which means 0 FOR EVERY OTHER DAMN THING BC ENGLISH IS L1?? Idk la I feel damn embarrassed for being late la imagine the worry i caused??? I don't wanna show my face ANYWHERE ANYMORE wlao a 16 year old shouldn't have to go through all this shit hahhahha AIYA what is wrong with me am I bipolar?????

(Shaomin if you are reading this one day I treat you to ice cream ok i think you saved my life today.)

In other news, I wanna eat ice cream everyday why don't they allow us to bring food into the exam hall. And I really wish every other upcoming paper is as manageable as English la freaking shit just so UGH what if I end up in the frikkin dumpster?!


(25 more days till the end of o's)
(I also really want to do some online shopping with no spending limits)