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SAM with Yow

August 22, 2013

Went to the Singapore Art Museum with yower today as part of the after prelims celebration haha.
Ok I actually just came up with that a few seconds ago so no it does not actually exist.
Took photos after quite a long time heh quite happy.

First place we walked into was this cathedral. Tried to take a few photos but they turned out quite sucky and yow kept saying "You must capture it's beauty!"
This is the best I can do hahahha.

Then we went into some President's Talents thingy which was quite creepy cos it was really dark and weird music was playing. Imagine our shock when we saw this:

Does it not look like a torture chamber?? Needless to say we panicked and tried to get out asap HAHHA.

And and do you see me somewhere in there heh heh.
This is quite apt now bc whoever's reading this might be a stranger.

Then then! (wow I sound super excited hahah) We went outdoors to take some photos. And yow kept making me stand there to pose for her also but she took so long to take one photo so I had to stand there like an idiot while people walked past. Hmph.

Yower stood there and started protesting "but I don't know how to pose!"
Hahha I told her to "just act like a model" so she stood there and laughed and did awkward hand gestures but I guess the photos turned out okay because they were kinda candid and I like candid shots heh :-)

Ultra violet light. Guess what colour the string is? (We overheard the answer from someone giving a tour to a group of children)

And here's yow trying to file a missing item report.