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Don't rub it in

August 18, 2013

I am just gonna say that I am very happy cos I just bought 12 lip balms from Etsy.
I know it's a bit too much HAHHA but the flavours just sound super interesting I couldn't control myself :p
It seems that once again, my plan to save money has failed miserably.
$47 for 12. Okay right, that's like $4 each. Quite cheap la huh :p
Sigh I have a weakness for lip balms. Give me one and we can be friends HAHA jk.
Yay can't wait to get it! (also, I sound damn bimbotic now so please excuse me)

Btw do you get the post title "Don't rub it in" gettit gettit hahahha

And my bro decided to be a sweet boy this morning and tried to cook for me even though he's scared of fire :*