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New lens + Photoshoot!

June 11, 2013

你好 (Hello)!
I got my new lens today after shooting a bit heh heh.
And I finally learnt how to use a bit of photoshop.
It works wonders heh.
And so the first thing I did was to edit the photo of my lens hahhaha too excited must share with the world.
Btw check out the heart at the side hahha

(it doesn't even look like a nice heart but i don't care)

Yes so all of this in the morning after brunch heh.

Came across a little hotel/rider's café sort of thing.
Quite cool, really.
Figured i'd give it a little film effect. Fits the theme of the place heh.

Till next time.
(When i get to shoot w the new lens maybe??! (yay)