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Last batch of photos from Perth plus a super sweet song

June 22, 2013

It's been a while. 11 days to be exact.
Haven't had a chance to go and take photos bc of the weather.
Or maybe we could always do a shoot of people wearing masks ha ha ha.
Kidding. Too lazy to go out also :p
Kinda wanna go overseas instead. To somewhere far away.

Last batch of photos from Australia. 7 & 8th November 2012.

And that marks the end of all the photos from Perth. That took quite a while. haha.
The streets had so many cool people unlike Singapore.
Seriously even the streets in Korea were much cooler. There were people protesting and dancing on the streets. Here is just...snooze fest. Plus we have no street art.

Watched the first two episodes from Project Runway season 10.
The people there are geniuses idek how they do it.

Shall end the post with a super sad but great & sweet song from Motion City Soundtrack.
Think it's the saddest/darkest song they've written cos the rest are rock songs. haha.
I think the guy was inspired by his grandmother who had cancer. And it's written from a dying person's perspective.
For all the emotional people out might wanna prepare some tissues. hahha
Love this so much.
(Don't click play if you're already feeling sad)