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First time baking cupcakes ☺

June 6, 2013

Heh ok I think I have had this red velvet craving thing for like a month now.
And I finally satisfied it.

I realised the photo isn't focused properly hahha sorry. :p

Sigh see the batter is red i don't understand why it turned out brown??
What are all these baking mysteries lol.
(And I broke the handle of that pot hahahhaha)
Bye bye, my maggi mee pot ):

See it's brown. What even happened?!

Cream cheese frosting :)
It was quite tiring to whisk it by hand hahha now i'm really tired :p
Talk about unfit.

And then I realised I have no piping bag. Idiot right.
BUT I found a plastic bag so..

This is it.
After the random plastic bag I found was squeezed (almost) empty.
It looks quite ugly but ok.

Yield: 16

They're in the fridge now. Waiting for the frosting to harden.
I hope they're nice hahha.