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Adventures at Changi Beach

May 30, 2013

Woke up at around 515am for the bio field trip today.
Tired like nothing when we went back to school, but least we got to catch the sunrise ☺

And so we did stupid things while waiting for the tide to recede :p

And when it receded we saw all sorts of (disgusting) marine animals.
Some of which were quite cool I guess but yucks, not an animal person.

That's a sea apple heh.

And a sea cucumber? 

Uhm and some anemone thing idk how to spell :p

Horseshoe crab!

Here's our resident garbage collector: Nic
(she found sunglasses & a mini handbag hahaha)

& i touched a starfish/sea star!!

Winning group for the treasure hunt heh heh.

And nat, who maybe wants to be an aircraft when she grows up. 
yay it was v fun cos i could take photos :p
chinese o's on mondayyyyy panic.
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