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Oli's dessert party

March 19, 2013

Celebrated Oli's birthday with a dessert party on the rooftop at Vivo.

Had trouble lighting the candles cos it was so so windy. And when we finally did...Oli didn't appear hahha. So they burned out. But here's a photo of it while it lasted.

Heh we thought the words would be quite funny.
We also didn't know if we should blow out the candles or not. So intense haha.
A video for your entertainment.

& she actually cried. Too touched by us. Haha

And so we spammed polaroids like crazy.
Maybe we should have like some party where we only take polaroids.

Heh heh quite fun la.
And the food v yummy.
And I really don't know why my photos are blurred when enlarged in posts even though the resolution is quite high??
Super annoying.

Additional info: Em said she wants a toilet themed party.
It can be done.