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February 6, 2013

Been busy doing nothing. Okay, maybe some things.
Got myself a sweater heh. A bit big though. Cos they don't have my size. But is' v light & soft & comfortable. I like. They didn't have black so I got grey instead.
What's a post without a picture? (A damn boring one)

So excuse my lame/weird attempt for trying to make this not boring haha.

Last game in round one with BP next friday. Hope we'll play well and all. Kinda excited.
Actually i'm just looking forward to game days now. Other than that, school is At least with games there's something to be excited about.
Can't wait for the CNY break. Eat, sleep, collect money. Hahha k no.
Really feel like going out to take photos. But too lazy to think about where and when to go. Sigh banana.
Gon' go edit the unedited Legoland photos from last year.
And I really want ice cream.
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