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CNY 初二

February 11, 2013

Went to visit my ah ma in the morning.

Took some photos heh.

Bro got a bit high and started kissing the back of everyone's hands...

Was quite a happy day overall, considering yesterday was shit boring and tomorrow is probably going to be damn boring again. Gonna be sulking around the house cos staying at home during Chinese new year is like...being confined.
Maybe can go out to take photos.
Need to ask for my book back if not i'm gonna spam my blog with stupid stuff that I have no where else to post/write.
Ya! Then was looking through old photos. haha looked like a...weirdo back in p5?6?

Think I was v happy cos we just won the 4x100 relay hehe.
And I shall leave you with a picture of Tessa (Thor). Enjoy haha.