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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, it's 2013!

Heh I got home at about 1 to find out that my Lush package has arrived!
The packaging wasn't as "lush" as I expected but I guess it's the stuff inside that counts. Haha.
The box came and it smelt so, so good I just kept sniffing it on my bed.

I quickly opened the package...

Actually, I was missing a bar of Trichomania. So I emailed them. Hopefully they'll do something about it. Other than that, I guess everything else is fine and smelling good hehe.

This has got to be the best soap ever. Well, this and "It's Raining Men". The honey smell is incredible and there's a bit of honeycomb on the bar soap. It's just really cute and the smell kinda stays on for quite a while. See the honeycomb bit in the photo? It smells so good it's making me hungry and i'm not even joking.

I haven't actually tried Trichomania before, but I know it has coconut in there and you can use it as a shampoo & conditioner. Kinda wonder how it will be like to use a bar soap as shampoo instead of those normal liquid shampoo. The girl at the Lush shop kept talking about it so I decided to buy it heh.

I also got a solid perfume! I got this mainly because the description said it smells of apples. Who could ever resist the smell of apples? It's quite easy to use and I guess it will last for quite a while cos it's solid? I kinda thought it would smell more appley but it has some floral/aroma therapy kinda scent too? But I guess it's still quite nice. I think if I keep smelling it I might actually fall asleep.
I have no idea if that is a good or a bad thing.

Heh and I got this lip tint thing cos it is supposed to smell like apples too. Guess it's alright, can be more appley. I think I just like apple scents a lot? I think there's something wrong with me ok nevermind.

So this is Bûche De Noël, (I have no idea how to pronounce that) one of their Christmas facial cleansers. The smell of the ground almonds is quite strong, but I kind of smell cranberry too? It's quite nice mixed together. It's more of a scrub thing so yeah.

This is another of their Christmas facial cleansers. I quite like the smell of this mainly cos it smells quite sweet heh. It has this buttery smell that's kind of sweet but salty. It's a little bit like salted caramel, but with butter. And more sugar.

Can't wait to try them out.
Am I like kind of advertising for them? Hahaha.
I think i'm partially drunk (on a very small amount of alcohol) that's why i'm talking so much.
I think i'm weird but okay, can't help it.

Anyway, yes. It's 2013 already. This year is gonna be damn shit but fun I think.
I just want the "damn shit" part to be over fast ahhh.
I think I should stop my nonsense yapping over the computer.
I hope no friend of mine reads this if not it'll be so embarrassing haha.