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Stomach tied in knots

October 3, 2012

Sigh so September has been a really crazy month. It's like an emotional roller coaster.
First week it was all happy cos there was Festival heh. Then no really strong, emotional feelings for a two weeks? And then...the really hormonal stage. Worry, stress, lack of sleep, everything. Cos of EOYS (which is happening right now, btw).
Ok so I will start documenting on stuff/pictures I never uploaded hahaha. This might be boring. But then again, who reads my blog lol.

Teacher's Day celebration on 31 August, which also happened to be Becca's birthday heh.

Used Brendon to take photos on that day heh.

 Went to Pan Pac on 8 Sept I think. Took some pictures. But they were quite sucky.

I think the soap they give is quite cool. Like the packaging and all. Oops the second photo a bit bright. Sorry too lazy to edit ha ha.

And a few days ago (ha ha) brother said he built Marina Bay Sands.

...The lego version.

Heh yes and about two days ago all of us in class got a Lego mini figure each.
I got a Musketeer heh. 
Which reminds me I have yet to finish season one of Once Upon A Time. Maybe after exams :/
 Anyway, the Musketeer's been roaming about my table...

Well, yeah. And I kinda started writing a bit. Like blank verses. Don't know, guess it's an alternative to my reality, an escape to some sort of wonderland.

Till then (exams end).