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Sports Day

October 18, 2012
Sports Day on the 15th.
As usual, our house came in last. No surprise, but I was hoping we'd be third or something. Haha.
Yeah we did our mascots for the thing and they didn't even make a big deal out of it was a bit of a waste of time but whatever la. If we didn't make a mascot, our house would be mascot-less and that would make us more of a Loser.
With a capital "L".

Lee House Comm minus the sec fours.
Went for lunch with the netballers after. It's been a while since we all had a meal together. 

(We only look really short because the floor is sloping down. Kinda.)

Sigh so training tomorrow with 2 hours of chinese and 2 and a half hours of sex ed. Can I just not go to school tomorrow please please please. ):
Exhausted from getting results and everything back. Tired. Tired of having to pretend to look okay in front of everybody.
Just want someone who will always be there. Someone I can just cry to and get held and comforted as and when I need comforting. Guess nobody's ever free all the time to do that.

Yeah and went out with Faith a while back
Walked around, shopped, and ate.
Breakfast at the Marmalade Pantry at Ion.

Went to have ice cream and walked over to HMV.
Saw P!ATD's CD but didn't really feel it was very worth it so yeah. Kinda sad.
Nevermind when I become a richer person I will buy their CDs hahha. Or maybe it's cheaper to order online hmmm.

Yeah anyway goodnight. ☹