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Korea, Seoul (Day 6)

October 10, 2012

Feeling shitty even though tomorrow is the last day of exams.
Whatever maybe I will die soon and my results won't really matter.
But then again people might come to my funeral and talk about how dumb I was.
Nevermind I won't be there to hear them judge me.

Okay, I digress. Pictures from Seoul. I know I take photos of many random people but I like it. Idk I think their expressions are really nice. Candid shots are the best.

Whatever it is, if you visit Seoul, you have to walk along their streets. If not you will be missing out on a lot!! See those street performers? They were a bunch of old folks dancing. How cool is that. She even has a butt thing plastered onto her butt haha. 
Yeah so shopped quite a bit that day and went to watch the Korean show, Jump. It was quite good and funny. But it was a silent kungfu comedy kinda thing, from what I remember.

Goodnight. More photos of Korea to come (even if you don't like it)!