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Did I really...?

October 22, 2012
On December 20, 2011 I actually wrote this haha this proves how much of a joke I am.
"When i get my camera I will take photos of happy moments.
That day will be my motivation.
I'll be there at my brother's graduation, grasping my camera, ready for action. 
The first thing i will do is to set my camera at my window and take pictures of people as they walk past my window. Past the trees that block my views of them.
I'll capture happy families, individuals, happy couples.

"I know everything isn't meant to last.
Box up all those photographs"
But wow I was such a poop I actually typed that out a year ago how much more idiotic can I get hahaha seriously.
All these from a day in Korea :)

Haha am I weird or weird.