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October 11, 2012

Went out with Shaomin in the morning to have Starbucks and talk.
It was actually quite fun and not as awkward as i thought it would be :P
Bought quite a lot of things. I think i really have to control hahha I am horrible.
Went into Lush and whoa just...haha if i had more money I would buy so many other things. And the sales lady who's called April (I think) said she used to be a "pimple with a face".
Hahhahaha that was really really funny we just stood there laughing like nobody's business.
Think i'll probably buy all my soaps and what-nots from there next time heh. Everything there is natural and smells good.

Seriously. After buying a few stuff and seeing how good it works, you'll keep going back for more.

Also, I bought their toothy tabs cos I heard it was really good. Like better than conventional toothpaste. Well I have yet to try it heh can't wait to tomorrow.

Apparently the vanishing cream is one of their best moisturisers. And the grease lightning spot treatment is for "zapping zits". haha no more pimples! Yay clean and pretty face soon. I hope. Lol jkjk more like just clean minus the pretty.

Check out my Lush Stash. The bubblegum lip scrub tastes v v sweet and it scrubs away all the dead skin on your lips. Haha i have yet to buy their tea tree toner and no drought shampoo yet. Soon! When I am rich again hahah. 
You might wanna checkout the Lush website and go crazy because you can shop online too. It's free delivery if you spend $100 and above (in Singapore).

Went to Kinokuniya after Lush. Book heaven! Haha bought these two books. Been wanting Invisible Monsters since forever. They probably restocked since the last time I went so yay happiness!

This is shaomin! I managed to pluck up my courage to ask a stranger to help us take a photo. For someone who is rather anti social, I think I was quite brave for doing that haha.
Haha Lush should pay me for advertising for them :P Just joking haha.

Yeah so after that went to catch Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's quite a good show and I actually teared though I have no idea why. It wasn't even that sad hahha. I think it was like leftover tears from the exam stress, ya know? Just waiting to spill out. 
Went to East Coast Park for a while and saw some idiots shouting "Oppa Gangnam style" damn loudly. I swear I wanted to throw a rock at them.
I think I have anger management issues hahha. Had thai food for dinner and had Sea Salt Caramel Almond ice cream from the Ice Cream Gallery at Tanjong Katong road.
Yay and meeting Faith tomorrow. 
I love this chill life.