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September 1, 2012

Yay today's my birthday! One year older. Time passes so quickly.
This year I was greedy and made two wishes. Does that mean none/only one will come true? ):
Haha got a tiramisu cake which I haven't eaten cos i'm unbelievably full. Went to Strictly Pancakes for lunch. Pancakes were good, especially the ones with the sausage in them heh. No pictures of super delicious food though. haha.

Received a few presents so far heh. Some seriously made me smile like an idiot when I received them :P

Brother gave me this flower cos he's young and have no money haha. Super sweet. I kinda miss him already. Aww bro :')

Yay and shoes! I'mma try 'em out soon ;)
And thank you to everybody who wished me happy birthday/sent me sweet text messages hehe. 
Can't wait for tomorrow. More partying heh.