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August 27, 2012

Hello, Green Alien says.

Fixed up Toy Story Legos today. They're so cute, too bad they stopped producing it. Makes me want Apple pie ice cream.
Sigh screwed up exams. Some subjects at least. Gotta start studying soon I guess.
But on the bright side, birthday is in a few days.
I want a film camera. And shoes. And clothes. Ugh why do I always want so many things.
Weather's really hazy. I hope school gets cancelled by some miracle hahha.

Can I be some ice cream critic or something?
Free ice creams and all you have to do is say honest stuff about the ice creams. What a great job. And you get paid too. Maybe one day. But I bet I wouldn't be able to survive and nobody would read my posts on ice cream because they would probably be boring ha ha. Or maybe not heh.
Kinda stuck listening to panic songs these few weeks. Brendon Urie's voice is amazing. Plus he looks amazing so...... heh.

Sigh I was supposed to sleep one hour twenty minutes ago.
And digressing from the above (off) topic of sleeping, I wanna go to Strictly Pancakes.

Jesse looks sad.
Probably cos Woody isn't there with her. Aww *sad face*