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July 22, 2012

Hello, it's Founders day tomorrow. I think i'm gonna fall asleep :/
Must bring a jacket. Then it will be more comfy. Heh. And i shall sit all the way to the side. Dark enough. Whoa I think 3/4 of the cohort will be sleeping anyway. Oh yeah, pictures of the korea trip. Heh shall upload them day by day, slowly. I have a thousand plus photos, so i'm just gonna take a few from each day.

Here they are. Day one.

(Jeju, Korea. 11 June 2012)
Heh I personally like the photos of the teddies.
Yes and now it's actually 23 July. Because I didn't post this yesterday. Went to sleep instead cos sleep is more important haha. So yeah, Founder's ceremony just now. Boring x100000000.
Commons in about two weeks. Ugh so rushed. Why why why.
Ngeh. Ok off to do some bio and maybe chem if there's enough time.

I hate chem. Ugh.

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