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The Shade of Poison Trees

April 3, 2012

Haven't took photos in like, the longest time ever man. Plus I kinda want new lens. Must save up for it heh. But I want so many things..sigh. So materialistic. Yucks.
Easter on friday. Kinda not in the mood, idk why. I don't even think I kinda wanna go for the church camp. Yeah ok never mind about that I guess. Maybe the next camp? :/

Heh meet Speedy.

Heh and a remote! Everything is so beautiful I can't even hahaha.
Nice wallpaper right? Heh.
I need to download Photoscape, but I kinda don't know how. Oops hahha apple loser :p
Challenge Cup starts tomorrow with pasir ris. We have to winnnn. Single knock out rounds.
Haven't played a proper game in ages. Kinda excited heh. Can run around without anyone touching my balls heh. So free and happy. Kinda.