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You should have have stopped but where's the fun?

March 25, 2012

Mmm had rocs fair yesterday heh. Our stall was in charge of selling American food. We sold burgers nuggets and stuff. Initially I thought we wouldn't have much business because hello, there are so many fast food restaurants and would people want to buy burgers when there was Japanese, Thai, Italian etc food available? No. Haha because how boring would that be!

But we made so much. It's quite surprising, really. Kinda had fun too, collecting money haha but it got a bit boring halfway, plus it was really really hot.

Check out her shoes ;)

Heh sat there the whole day with this money box. 

1 comment on "You should have have stopped but where's the fun?"
  1. those cupcakes are so cute!
    adorable blog you have, followed! thanks for messaging me on tumblr.