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February 4, 2012

Sigh i'm sick. Went to do a project today.

Guess who this bear belongs to! Hahaha it's so big and cute and fluffy.

Been so tired recently. Yesterday's emath lesson was the best. Ever. I actually understood what she was talking about plus the whole thing going on with Serena & gang on the other side of the class HAHAHA. I think everyone was so amused by it. It actually helped us understand better! hahhaha so weird. Had training while the rest of the class went to the barrage. Nevermind, me, sarah & ducky shall go on a picnic together one day at the barrage complete with pictures and all and post them on facebook heh heh.
Omg Explosions in the sky's album is so cute/cool!
They have like a note to fans on the CD itself hehe.

Look so cute right! Here it is up close:

Had a match on thursday! We won 26-13. They're players were all so tall then there's me...... hahhaha.
Yehh anyway monday we have quite an important match! I'm kinda nervous/scared/excited.
Pressure's really on the shooters this time. Have to make every shot count.
SIGH x100
Ok I already have a plan if I can't shoot. It involves pain HAHAHA but nevermind at least it helps. :P

Meeting Amanda tomorrow early in the morning for breakfast!
Yumz kinda excited (to see the food).
But for now, my bed awaits. So long hahahha.
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