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Once upon a time somebody ran away

January 29, 2012

Went to the barrage just now!
It was so hot and sunny but it was kinda fun heh.

Didn't take a lot of pictures though. We spent most of the time trying to run away from this little kid and eating :P

The kid's name is Daniel!

hahha fashionably late.

Seeee it was so sunny!
Ugh my autofocus isn't working very well. I think someone played with the lens I just can't remember who.
I think i've to send it for repair soon. But the warranty is kinda over already.
When people use my camera they can't focus properly in MF HAHAHA.

After that I met crys, kyrene and chloe at Starbucks!
We talked for a bit before buying the stuff for the scoreboard hahah.
We kinda bought magnetic boards instead of paper. It's cheaper and more convenient.
After they went back I stood at Times to read a book and my legs were hurting like mad so I gave up at page 90 and came home hahhaha.

Now that the weekends are almost over, there's six full weeks of school.
This is gonna be so tiring :/
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