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January 28, 2012

Went out with bex & manda on friday. I only bought two things hahha.
I saw those leather shoes I wanteddddd but they didn't look as good as they looked on the net. So I bought purple shoes hehe. Which I shouldn't have cos I saw a blue/dark blue version of it somewhere else which was nicer and cheaper. Sigh. My face now- ):

Mylo Xyloto! I was just waiting for cny so that I can use some of the $$ to buy this HAHA.

Sorry for the boring pictures ):
Been really busy so far.
Oh and I ordered some albums from Amazon!
Two from Dashboard, two from Explosions and one from New Life Worship :)
I have to stop buying things and start saving hahhaha.

Sigh season is starting soon. I don't wanna miss classes. That's kinda the worst part about competitions. Like you have to skip classes. It was fun in sec one. But now i'm just too lazy to move HAHAHA. No seriously. I'll be screwed if I miss emath. I have no time to catch uppppp.
A part of me hopes we'll be out after round one and a part of me wants to make it all the way to top four.
But if we make it to top four then we still have Nationals which lasts for veryyyyy long time.
But if we get kicked out after round one, it's kind of a waste cos we trained quite hard.
Just gonna play and see what the results are, I guess.
Sometimes I wonder where would I be if I didn't join netball.
Probably not in mg hahaha.
Which leads me to wonder... which weird cca would I be in anyway HAHHA.

Going to the barrage tomorrow with the cell people.
Gon' take some pictures ;) Well at least they'll be more interesting than the ones above :P
Then going to Plaza Sing to do up the scoreboard for swim meet/x-country with crys, kyrene and chloe.
Honestly, I can't wait to get out of the house. haha.
But I moved amath tuition to monday cos of our match on thursday.
Yay quite excited/nervous cos we haven't played NUS before.
Playing with schools you've never met is kinda more exciting than playing with your old opponents. There's kinda like a change then you have to adapt to it. haha.

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