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Hong Kong, October 2016, Day 1

November 27, 2016
Figured i'd post about my sorta spontaneous trip to Hong Kong last month.

So, day one. We landed at the airport at 6am+ and hobo-ed there for a few hours because we didn't want to drag our luggages around till we could leave it at the airbnb. Also the picture above kinda was cheanshuo's reaction when she realised that there was a huge Topshop nearby HAHA

Funny story- we wanted to have breakfast at Australian Dairy Co., but it was closed that we had some noodles at the shop directly opposite HAHA. I think we had potato noodles that were waaaay too chewy for my liking. After the not-so-satisfactory first breakfast, we went to sneakers street :-) That was where we proceeded to spend a large amount of money we brought there :') Cheanshuo got some badass (really hard to find) shoes but i'll upload a picture in another post ;-)

A pic of our airbnb!!! It was also where I slept lmao. Didn't take the other rooms because...idk why actually. We always got back in the evening and the lighting wouldn't be nice HAHA

Went out at night anyway even though we were super duper tired. We still have to eat right? :p

Dinner @ Little Bao where we had a sort of asian-western fusion kind of bao-burger. Cute, but obviously one little bao-burger isn't gonna fill us up. HAHA we bought instant noodles and chips back and concussed for the night :-)

Bangkok, August 2016

September 4, 2016

Went to Bangkok recently hehe. All we did was eat, sleep, shop, repeat.
We probably gained quite a bit of weight from this HAHA.
Shall include the names of some of the restaurants and cafes we went to (if I can remember).

Cabbages & Condoms

Matcha Ten

True Love Cafe/ TrueLove @ Neverland
(It's a husky cafe!!!!!!!!! Where you get to play with dogs!!!!!!!)

Random street food near True Love Cafe HAHA.

(By then it was about 3pm and we've already eaten three times LOL)

Food truck right outside Platinum Mall

Plants :')