December 2, 2015

The South Beach

Just trying out these film presets lmao

October 31, 2015


Finally got around to posting the F1/Maroon 5 pictures heh.
Second time at F1!!
Actually I got nothing much to say (really quite tired from school) & I think i'm gonna sleep already haha.

It seems kinda weird to watermark photos cos it's kinda screaming your name but I guess people might take it for their own.

September 30, 2015

Against the Current

Exactly a month ago Nat and I got to watch Against the Current (ATC) to take photos and write an article about it heh. First time going into the photographer's pit and I was panicking a few days/weeks before the show because I didn't know what to do/how to take photos in there hahha. I thought the lighting was going to be a huge problem.

Basically I turned to YouTube for answers hahha it was kinda useful actually!!! If you think about it, you can find practically whatever you need/want on the net. Yeah anyway we went in and were clueless for a bit, but it turned out alright :-)

Got to take some warm up shots with the opening band.

It was really cool actually!!!! And then ATC appeared after a while and it was like BANG BANG BANG and we had to move out of the pit hhaha.

Not really uploading everything.

I felt so important standing in the pit HHAHA. This is where the hair flick emoji would be great.

Read Nat's and my article here.

August 16, 2015

Thank yous

Thank you friends for turning this puff-filled sem into a kinda great one. When I found out y'all were in my class I was so happy because I didn't have to make friends again like the previous sem.

Cheryl i'm super glad that you were in our PR group because Anika & I would've died from the irritating person. You're quite quiet sometimes but you're kind of like our support- you keep us on track, and bind us all together bc you are so down-to-earth. Thanks for the laughs after your whole "taylor swift concert tickets" episode, and for skipping that one yoga class to have dinner with us (and not going for anymore after that hahahha).

Elsie you're like the most stable person (cept for when you cried after we tricked you) and I still can't figure out how you're so neutral hahha. Thanks for singing and providing us with entertainment hahhaha. Also, thanks for tolerating a certain irritating someone and keeping us far far away from the person hehe.

Thanks for calling puff "puff" and being so last minute and making us stay up late because you didn't finish your work : - )

Niks hehehheehehehehheheheh you are my favourite pinoy in the whole world, but that could be because I don't have many pinoy friends. In sem one I thought you were a loud and annoying person budden we became friends because of Este and look at us now :') I cannot get enough of your lame jokes and emo moments. So proud of you for all that you've achieved so far :')

I probably would have made people fall asleep with my constant complaints about the balls and all the other people who don't do their work properly if not for you. Lucky you were as angsty as me :-)
Thanks for making me laugh throughout the whole sem without fail, and following me for all the shoots we had for our magazine. Thanks for beating Joel, sending me the dany sticker, and hooking us up with cookie man. Thanks for being a little ball of sunshine and evil hehehe.

I can only hope that y'all are in my class next sem :'( minus joel

(The smoke isn't cigarette smoke. It's fake-ish)

Alysia OUT.

August 9, 2015

Julian's First

(I really like the first photo heh)
Children are so cute and squishy and happy. Kinda glad with how the photos turned out.
Also glad that there is finally some time and space for a breather. The work isn't killing me, but annoying people are : - ) Honestly if you come to school to be lazy and not do your work then you might as well drop out!!!!! There isn't space for people who don't pull their weight.
Just happy that the sem is ending soon!!!

Also nat kinda hooked us up with a gig to manage this cookie guy's social media accounts.
Yay!!! For!!! Cookies!!!

Countdown: 5 days till the last submission + 2 exams